Omelia Dhanraj

Hong Kong has begun to tighten restrictions as coronavirus cases hit record highs (Reuters). Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam reported that more than 100 cases were reported on Sunday, the most since the pandemic began in late January (Reuters). The government has increased testing especially for individuals in high-risk areas (NYT). Social gatherings are now limited to only two people (TIME).

All bars, gyms, karaoke lounges, and amusement parks, including Hong Kong Disneyland, have been ordered to close (South China Morning Post 1). Anyone traveling on public transportation or out in public will now be required to wear a mask (The Guardian). Dine-in services at all city restaurants have been suspended in an attempt to control a new wave of the coronavirus (South China Morning Post 2). Individuals caught not wearing a mask will have to pay a fine up to 5,000 HKD (South China Morning Post 1).


Posted July 31, 2020