Students sitting in lecture with notebooks

It was an honor to sit in on one of Dr. Reynolds’ lectures on September 8, 2022. He teaches IDH 4030H- Honors Windows to the World. This course is focused on understanding. I was lucky to catch reverend Dr. Gary Mason as a guest speaker in the course. Mason specializes in teaching the past and present terrorism that Northern Ireland faces.

With Reynolds and Mason teaching the course, it provided multiple perspectives on the issue, allowing students to properly analyze the material that they were learning, as well as allowing students to ask questions about different topics of the matter. In the previous class, students were assigned to watch a documentary so they can talk about it in the next class. I got to witness first-hand how this professor makes the wheels turn in these students’ heads.

Overall, the lecture was incredibly eye-opening, and it was wonderful to see two scholarly individuals teach so passionately about a subject that perhaps not many people are familiar with.


Posted October 11, 2022