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Wiest, Lisa

Lisa Wiest


Lisa Wiest is an intern for the Global Perspectives Office. She is completing her senior year at Seminole High School. Wiest is a member of the National Honor Society and Florida Young Artists Orchestra. Upon graduation, she plans to study East Asia and Chemistry in college. Later, she plans to teach English abroad and then attend graduate school to study Japanese and Chemistry. Wiest is currently studying French, Japanese and Chinese, and has traveled to Japan, China, France and Canada.

Kelly, Jason

Jason Kelly

India Program Fellow

Jason Kelly is the India Program Fellow, under the auspices of The Anil and Chitra Deshpande India Program Endowed Fund, for the Global Perspectives Office and The India Program at UCF. He is currently a junior, majoring in Psychology and Journalism. Kelly has served on the executive boards of various Caribbean student groups at UCF. Upon graduation, he wishes to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology, intending to focus his research on the psychology behind European colonialism and imperialism. Kelly is proficient in French and Dutch, and enjoys studying Papiamentu, Haitian Creole, and Afrikaans in his spare time.

Khan, Amal

Amal Khan

Global Peace Fellow

Amal Khan is the Global Peace Fellow, under the auspices of the Sibille H. Pritchard Global Peace Fellowship, for the Global Perspectives Office. She is a senior at UCF, majoring in Political Science, with an emphasis on International Relations. Khan is a member of the President’s Leadership Council, a graduate of the LEAD Scholar Program, and actively involved with various UCF organizations and associations, such as the Student Government Association and Junior Achievement. Upon graduation, she aspires to work internationally with non-profit organizations. Khan is conversational in Hindi and has traveled to India, Hong Kong, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Stockbridge, Laura

Laura Stockbridge

Global Fellow

Laura Stockbridge is a Global Fellow, under the auspices of the Lawrence J. Chastang Global Fellows Program at the University of Central Florida, for the Global Perspectives Office. She is currently a senior at UCF, majoring in Business Economics, International track, with a minor in Mathematics. She is currently a member of Honors Congress and the Burnett Honors College Economics Club, an economics researcher for the UCF Institute for Economic Competitiveness and an Economic Research Assistant for the UCF Economics Department. Stockbridge recently won the R. Glenn Hubbard Research Award in undergraduate economics. Her research interests include development economics and trade theory. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a Ph.D. in international economics and development economics. Stockbridge speaks French and has traveled to France, the Netherlands, Mexico and Canada.