Every week, GPII Interns and Fellows scour the global news to write about what is happening in a specific issue area or region. Each post includes multiple sources and gives a brief recount of a timely event. Check back regularly to see what GPII Interns and Fellows have written.

Debt Bondage in India

On March 31, 2022, the Indian Government lifted all Covid-19 restrictions (Business Today, 2022). Despite that decision, millions of migrants or “informal” workers in India are still locked in exploitative debt bondage arrangements at increasing levels. Despite supposed government intervention this Human Rights crisis has only deepened due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. India […]
Posted April 21, 2023

The Impact of the Short-Term Rental Industry in Puerto Rico

Since Puerto Rico’s economic crisis in 2006, the island’s housing market has faced a growing and evolving set of challenges. The widespread devastation of hurricanes, earthquakes, and natural disasters in general, severely worsened an already existing housing problem. Hurricane Irma and Maria alone damaged over 725,000 households, representing nearly 60% of all occupied housing units […]
Posted April 21, 2023

2023 Nigerian Presidential Election

On February 28th, 2023, three days after the Nigerian Presidential elections started, Bola Tinubu from the All Progressives Congress Party was declared the winner (AJLabs. 2023, March 1). Even though the former governor of Lagos, Nigeria’s economic capital, beat Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic Party by over a million votes, there are claims of […]
Posted April 14, 2023

The IRGC and Iranian Foreign Policy

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has emerged as a key player in the shifting power balance of the Middle East, serving as the Iranian government’s primary power projection tool abroad. Formed in the aftermath of the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) in 1979, the IRGC’s paramount mission is to preserve and […]
Posted April 14, 2023

What Does China’s Population Decline Mean?

The Chinese government recently issued official statements that its population is shrinking. With a reported birth rate of 9.56 million and a death rate of 10.41 in 2022 (CNBC), the country’s population fell for the first time since the 1960s (Statista 1). The dependency ratio in 2021, which indicates the growing population that must be […]
Posted March 20, 2023

Oman as a Regional Mediator

The Sultanate of Oman is a politically stable nation, especially when compared to many of its neighbors. Since the conclusion of the Dhofar Rebellion in 1978, after all, it has not experienced widespread internal strife and has generally refrained from involving itself it armed conflicts abroad. The Dhofar conflict solidified Oman’s relations with a diverse […]
Posted February 28, 2023

Afghan woman pushed back into the 1990s: The Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan

After two decades out of power, The Taliban has reinstated its control over Afghanistan, creating a motif of their past tyrannical policies implemented to marginalize religious minorities, women and girls. Around its initial inception, the Taliban is one of the biggest Sunni Islamist national movements in modern history (National Counterterrorism Center). They established the Islamic […]
Posted February 28, 2023

The Use of Sports in Diplomacy

With the culmination of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and events such as the 2023 World Baseball Classic and the 2024 Summer Olympics on the horizon, the use of sports as more than a game is becoming continuously more important. Soft Power, as defined by Joseph Nye, can be defined as “a nation’s ability to […]
Posted February 28, 2023

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