Polish Government to Withdraw from Domestic Violence Treaty

July 30, 2020
Poland’s right-wing government is officially planning to leave the Istanbul Convention, a European treaty against domestic violence. Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro stated he will formally ask the Ministry of Family on Monday to start the process to leave the treaty (AP). Ziobro stated the treaty is “harmful” because it forces schools to teach about gender, […]

European Union COVID-19 Summit Reaches Funding Decision

July 27, 2020
A summit of European Union leaders began on Friday to discuss coronavirus recovery strategies, including a 1.85 trillion euro recovery fund. Leaders failed to reach an agreement following the summit’s fourth day, but eventually reached a $2.1 trillion deal Tuesday (AP 2). Disagreements between the pro-recovery spending Franco-German coalition and the so called “frugals,” being […]

British Prime Minister Offers Citizenship to Hongkongers

July 13, 2020
PM Boris Johnson extended an offer of citizenship to up to 3 million Hongkongers in the wake of new security measures introduced by Hong Kong’s Chinese-led government. The measures punish crimes of secession and subversion, with police arresting at least 10 under the law last week (NBC). Under the plan, overseas nationals will have the […]

Irish Parties Agree to Coalition Deal

June 23, 2020
Dominant Irish parties Fine Gael and Fianna Fail agreed to form a coalition to include the Green Party. The decision ends a political deadlock caused by inconclusive elections in February (Reuters). The February elections saw previous minority party Sinn Fein win the majority of the votes. The deal excluded Sinn Fein for its Irish unity […]