The Projected 300,000

April 22, 2020
According to a new model from the Imperial College London, under the best-case scenario Africa could see a death-toll of 300,000 due to coronavirus (A.P News). This estimate is projected given all countries introduce and maintain strict social distancing practices, but still sees 122.8 million infections, 2.2 million hospitalizations and 300,000 deaths (Reuters). In contrast […]

The Race to Save African Mountain Gorillas

April 2, 2020
The Coronaviru s which is currently infecting hundreds of thousands of humans may to be able to target other animals as well such as one of our closest relatives’ gorillas (Washington Post). While there is currently no evidence that states other great apes can be infected they can be susceptible to other human respiratory diseases […]

Coronavirus Fears Hit Africa

February 17, 2020
Despite not having any confirmed cases on the continent many fear Coronavirus is coming to the shores of Africa. With between 200,000-2,000,000 Chinese currently living in Africa and still many others entering the continent, global health officials feel the virus may be coming soon (Washington Post). In preparation for this, many countries have begun increasing […]